Damage is the loss of HP to a mob or player. Damage can occur in many ways; ranging from the player hitting a mob, to a player falling into lava or off a cliff, to additional effect damage from a weapon, even Scorpion poison.


Basic damage

A basic damage hitmarker.

When a mob is inflicted with damage, it's health bar will decrease. When any health bar empties (any entity with a health bar is subject to this), the entity it is attached to will die, and drop it's loot (in the case of the player, nothing). Defence is a modifier that allows damage inflicted to be reduced.



A critical hit.

When a mob makes contact with the player, or a spell makes contact with the player, or the player attacks another player or a mob, damage is dealt. Damage that is dealt can be amplified through certain ways;

Melee; Having a weapon with a certain damage range, and Strength.

Magic; Having a wand with a certain damage range, and Intellegence.

ARROWS; Having a bow with a certain damage range, and Dexterity.

A critical hit will also inflict extra damage; usually about double the regular damage that would have been dealt from a single hit. Dexterity influences whether a critical hit is landed; more dexterity, more critical hits.
Nature damage

A hitmarker that is used for when an entity is hurt by effect damage.

Effect DamageEdit

Certain weapons may have additional effect damage built in, which will harm any entity hit for the designated

A melee weapon with additional nature damage over 6 seconds.

amount of time. A Scorpion's poison is a form of Effect Damage; notified by a green health bar (for the player, and only in the HUD).

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