Dwarves were the first intelligent race to come into existence. As such, they are not very intelligent. However they are a proud, hard-working, and stoutly bunch, always reliable for getting the job done, and having a drink or two in the process. The surface dwelling dwarves disconnected from their earth abiding ancestors long ago. Of course, they are very good storytellers, I swear! After a little grog, even the snootiest dwarf is liable to talk a stranger's ears off.

The dwarves are hardy brutal warriors and blacksmiths who mostly live underground. They and their ancestors created most of the magical equipment and weapons that you find from slaying beasts and clearing dungeons. They make up for their short stature with unmatched strength, and contrary to popular belief, they love swinging swords just as much as they love to swing axes. Living in heavily guarded fortresses beneath the earth has enabled them to be the best surviving race against all the evil that has been spawned by wizards. Some might think a lone dwarf out in the wilderness fighting off lots of monsters is helpless and trying to survive, but in reality he probably left his fortress because he finds fighting and killing to be very fun.


  • Dwarves are slightly shorter than the standard Steve , but taller than Halflings .
  • Dwarves are basically the worse race in-game as Strength is inferior to Dexterity and Intelligence
  • If you want a small character, and want it to be a ranger, don't choose Dwarf. Choose Halfling.
  • Dwarfs will dig/mine faster than normal aswell
Dwarf - Tree

Comparison between a dwarf and a tree. The trunk is 3 blocks at the top of the picture. Note how the dwarf is slightly shorter than the second tree block

Dwarf Starter Stats
Strength 12



Intelligence 8


Fortitiude 10