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Several different slimes in a field


Unlike regular slimes, they all now come in many varieties such as fire, ice, poison, etc. They were the easiest for wizards to tamper with, being the simplest beings, and have become far more populous than in previous times, definitely migrating from living only deep underground in the darkness. More appear when you kill them, so watch out.

Elemental Slimes are a simple recoloring of the Slimes that already exist in Minecraft. Unlike regular Slimes that only spawn in certain chunks, however, Elemental Slimes are "global mobs." This means that unlike normal mobs, who are selected from 3-4 different possibilities assigned to the current Area, Elemental Slimes belong to a much larger set of mobs that appear infrequently, but everywhere in the world of Minecraftia.

List of Known SlimesEdit

The following is a list of known Slimes:

  • Red Slime (Fire)
  • Orange Slime (Earth)
  • Yellow Slime (Holy)
  • Green Slime (Nature)
  • Teal Slime (Ice)
  • Blue Slime (Lightning)
  • Purple Slime (Unholy)
  • Pink Slime (?)
  • Black Slime (Random, but will later be Physical)
  • Rainbow Slime
    • The Rainbow Slime is a special Elemental Slime that transitions between elemental types, allowing it to be immune to fire for one second, then immune to ice the next and so forth. It transitions between elements fast enough that it doesn't cause to big of a problem for mages.
  • Camouflage Slime
    • The Camouflage Slime is a slightly rare slime that blends in with the environment. Basically, It replicates the color of the block its standing on, applies it to its own element, and decide what elemental color its closest to. If it stands on a Grass block, it turns green, and most likely becomes a Nature element.

Defeating Elemental SlimesEdit

Class Strategy
All Use melee weapons and bows. Be aware medium and large slimes will multiply when killed, so it may be best to walk, run, leap, or teleport past them if there are many, such as in a dungeon or tower.
Mage Do not use wands, as the slime may be elemental. Spells, on the other hand, are useful most of the time. If you are losing, teleport away.
Ranger Use exploding arrows if possible. Avoid slime spawners for the most part.
Warrior Use the Whirlwind and Charge attacks frequently.

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