Fun is a subjective thing... but as veterans of Hack/Mine, we have a pretty nice idea of how to have fun, and we don't mind giving a few pointers. All are welcome to leave their ideas below...

If You're the Devious TypeEdit

  • Kite any and all Roflcondas into your friends' bases. And then hit them with lightning.
  • Start any class then build it in the entirely wrong direction, getting the best of several worlds (BATTLE-MAGE!!!)
  • Make your own tower, and then make it look like a generated one but make sure you have tons of mobs inside, when someone finds it, BAM! They are under attack and do NOT leave any rewards.
  • Strike as many things as possible with as much Lightning as possible. Stacking Wisdom is recommended.
  • Build your own dungeon in SMP and see if anyone can tell the difference (if the booby traps don't tip 'em off.)
  • No bosses in Hack/Mine yet? WRONG! On a crowded SMP server, fight to the top of a tower near the spawn point, leaving all blocks and mob spawners intact. DEFEND THE TREASURE WITH YOUR LIFE!!!
  • Dump water (or lava) buckets at the top of dungeon entrances once your friends have ascended.
  • Wall the tower door with same-color blocks.
  • Flood your friend's chests with oddly named items ("Lubricated Wand of the Poodle," "Floppy Sword of Vanquishing," etc)
  • In version 0.5, throw infinitely duplicating items at your friends.
  • When taking down dungeons with your friends, push them into the lava and keep all the rewards for yourself.
  • Go to a friends house irl, and install the mod on their client without telling them. This works extremely well if they play on a superflat world.
  • Acquire large amounts of dungeon blocks and build tons of booby-trapped dungeon replicas around your friends houses.
  • Use the wizard skin as your own, and play a mage on smp, kill ALL THE PLAYERS! ALL OF THEM!
  • Same as above except orc and ranger.
  • If you can get a creeper skin (this will only work with peopkle who don't have a texture pack on) act like a creeper and scare off everyone (This is a great way to scare those lvl 1 people, ecspecially if you're lvl 9999).
  • Leave all the spawners in a tower and replace the items in the top chest with cursed items.
  • Or wooden tools. Not swords, not axes, tools.
  • produce tons of ZombiePigmen and charged creepers and roflcondas in a crowded SMP city.
  • Take apart your friend's houses and rebuild the hillside where they were. Once the screaming starts, you know it's worked.

If You Play NiceEdit

  • Split your buddies into teams, build some forts, then make war...
  • Play "Capture The Flag" with red-brick and blue-brick forts as flag locations.
  • Build bases out of dungeon bricks!
  • Clear out a dungeon and make it your home... (Note: From experience, BAD IDEA)
  • Invade a high-level tower on SMP where /sethome is enabled. Don't destroy any spawners. Set a trap door on the top of the last ladder, then use the command. Proceed to use the tower as a base and training center; just try not to die too much.