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Mage with skills displayed
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The magic-wielding Class in Hack/Mine. Specializes in spells and wands, starting with a Wand of Firebolt. Mages are powerful magic wielders. Cackling maniacally as they teleport and douse their enemies with fire and lightning is not unheard of. Press K for spell upgrades.


Mana Cooldown Description
Blink 10


Teleport up to 16 blocks! Unreliable past 8 blocks.
Firebolt 2 .5 Launch a ball of fire at your enemies!
Charged Bolt 1 .5 Launch several lighting charges. Charges created increase with Intelligence.
Lightning 20 2 Strike your enemies with the wrath of the heavens!


7 5

Knock nearby opponents back a great distance.

Block Leash 6 .05 Pull a block towards your general direction.
Breath of Fire

20 per sec

Mage Cannon 10 1 Perform a minor boost towards wherever you're facing! Charge to perform increasingly larger boosts at the cost of additional mana.
Mage Skill - Gale(00:11)
Mage using gale skill
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Mage Skill - Blink(00:07)
Mage using blink skill
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Mage Skill - Fireball(00:04)
Mage using fireball skill
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Mage Skill - Multishot Skill(00:06)
Mage using multishot skill
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Item List the pro (Wands)Edit

Weak Wand - 2-3 Damage

Standard Wand - 3-5 Damage

Yew Wand - 7-9 Damage

Bone Wand - 8-13 Damage

Burnt Wand - _-_ Damage

Great Wand - 15-21 Damage

Arch-Mage Wand - 18-25 Damage

Armageddon Weave - 33-59 Damage

(Holy Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Fire Bolt, Cursed Bolt, Ice Bolt, Earth Bolt,Noxious Fumes (Poison), and Nature Bolt)

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