The minimap!

The minimap your most useful tool for pvp and being sure you aren't being stalked by mobs

The Spawn is Always level 1

Walking further away from the spawn makes the level go up

There are sightings of level 314 biomes

How it worksEdit

"=" and "-" are the default zoom in and out keys, respectively.

Above the minimap is the randomly generated name of the Area. At the top left is the area's level, which affects the level of the creatures and dungeons within it.

The minimap has a built in compass including the four cardinal directions (N, E, S, W) and the four secondary directions (NE, SE, NW, SW).

The minimap has a 1:1 block-to-pixel ratio at maximum zoom, increasing as the radar is zoomed out.

List Of Dot Meanings:Edit

Light blue: Player

Red: Aggressive mob (zombie pigman included)

Yellow: Passive mob (aggressive wolf included)

Blocks: Creative Menu Sequence

List of the blocks that can be viewed without cheating/x-raying:

  • Cobblestone: Grey
  • Stone: Grey
  • Ores: Not shown
  • Stone bricks: Black
  • Clay: Light Grey
  • Ore blocks: Black
  • Bedrock: Black
  • Lapis lazuli block: Black
  • Bricks: Dark Red
  • Moss Stone: Grey
  • Slabs: Black
  • Obsidian: Black
  • Netherrack: Mahogany
  • Soulsand: Brown
  • Glowstone: Black
  • Wood/Tree: Not shown
  • Leaves: Not shown
  • Dirt: Brown
  • Grass: Green
  • Sand: Light Brown
  • Sandstone: Light Brown
  • Gravel: Brown
  • Cobweb: Grey
  • Planks: Brown
  • Saplings: Black
  • Sponge: Black
  • Ice: Light Blue
  • Snow: Black
  • Flowers: Red or Yellow
  • Mushrooms: Black
  • Cactus: Green (greener than grass)
  • Pumpkin/Melon: Black
  • Vines: Not shown
  • Iron Bars: Black
  • Glass Panes: Black
  • Netherbrick Objects: Black
  • Endstone: Black
  • Mycelium: Black
  • Lilypad: Dark Green
  • Ferns/Tall grass: Not shown
  • Chest: Black
  • WorkBench: Black
  • Glass: Light Brown
  • TNT: Black
  • Bookshelf: Brown
  • Wools: Dark yellow
  • Dispensers: Black
  • Furnace: Black
  • NoteBlock: Black
  • Pistons: Black
  • Fence/gate: Black
  • Ladder: Not shown
  • Rails (powered etc.): Black
  • Torch: Not shown
  • Stairs: Brick: Black, Wood:Brown, Cobblestone: Grey
  • Pressure plates, Levers, Buttons: Black
  • Trapdoors: Black
  • Enchant Table: Black
  • Fire: Black
  • Spawner: Blue
  • Sign: Black
  • Doors: Black
  • Repeaters: Black
  • Cauldron/brewing stand: Black
  • ALL dungeon blocks from the mod itself match the color, so those are not counted

All things that have some kind of switch (or some kind of value) are black.


  1. The wools don't show their real color.
  2. Zombie pigman and wolves are neutral even though they are shown as aggresive.


The names are randomly generated from a prefix and a suffix suiting the biome

You can let your friends show how much you hate (or like) them by making letters out of blocks!

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