There should be a page for mob suggestions to keep them organized, and because I think one of the better ways to improve the mod is to add more mob variety, because IMO, that's it's best feature.



A mob made out of a silvery material, (and is very fast) which melts everything in its path, and damages on contact.

Likely to Become Real:No.

Reason:Not enough description.


Could come in different elemental types, would replace slimes in higher level areas.
Likely to Become Real:No.

Reason:Not enough description.


Like the sarlac pit or a venus flytrap. It'd be stationary, found in jungle biomes or deserts, depending on how you want to style it. It could be made into a really powerful boss mob, spawning thorn walls to stop you and hurt you, and creating vine waves like the mandragora in the spiderqueen mod.
Likely to Become Real:No.
Reason:Problems with originality.


1 block tall, to slip through holes and such, able to climb and overall a really annoying pest, it'd be fast, and it'd fight with the nearest mob or player. They'd be good to put spawners for in dungeons.
Likely to Become Real:Maybe.
Why not:May be OP, nerf by removing wallclimb powers.


this would have two styles of attacks and always be a boss when it spawns it should have one attack for knockback. It will charge at the player and knock it back far. Another one would be for making the player dizzy and making the screen wobbly. This attack should be the minotaurs' breath. They should also make this mob appear at level 8+.

 Likely to Become Real: Yes

Reason: Good idea for a boss mob, a challenge yet not OP.




     This could be a spider, but with a head sticking out the top of its back as a human. It could be 3-5 blocks tall and  2-4 blocks wide. It'd only spawn in open Biomes (plains, desert). Other mobs would run away from it. If attacked it would leap at you with amazing speed and agility. It would have 10-16 hearts. If killed, it would drop a Drider Soul. If the Drider Soul is placed in a crafting bench with boots, it will enchant the boots with the ability of agility. This ability will allow the wearer to run fast.

 Likely to Become Real:No.

Reason:Too Op, nerf by removing Soul.



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