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A Naga attacking the player.


The Naga are a race of aquatic snake-like warriors who reproduce very rapidly. They were once rare and elusive, but after the events of the great war they have become far more prevalent.

Among everything else the Orcs slaughtered, the Naga were one of their most hated enemies. Battling for swampland ever since the dawn of time, the Naga were crushed into oblivion by superior Orc fighters. But since Orc populations have diminished, Naga population has skyrocketed.

These axe-wielding beasts are very common due to them laying eggs constantly. In the mod you'll see huge crowds of monsters that give you lots of coins and XP but are hard to kill. Naga crowds are the most common.

It is rumoured that the wizards may have cloned them to help them achieve their ridiculously large population, but these rumours are unfounded.

When found in towers, swarms of these creatures can overpower you. Barring doorways with just one block of space prevents damage being dealt to you, but a great opportunity to strike back to them.

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