Red Slime

Now coming in many varieties such as fire, ice, poison, etc. They were the easiest for wizards to tamper with, being the simplest beings, and have become far more populous than in previous times, definitely migrating from living only deep underground in the darkness. More appear when you kill them, so watch out.

Red Elemental Slimes are like normal Slimes, except they've been magically imbued with fire elemental properties.

Damage Type: Fire

Immune To: Fire

WARNING: Beginner mages should NEVER attempt to kill these slimes with their starting wand. This is because their starting wand is a fire type, and these slimes are immune to fire type damages. Instead, try using a different wand, a sword, or a spell that is not fire-type, or avoid this mob altogether until you can obtain a different weapon.


A Red Slime which has spawned with a unique name.

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