A picture of a "unique" Scorpion; featuring a unique name (with suffix), and a colour/palette swap.

The Scorpion is a closely related cousin of spiders. They used to be small, but wizards made them very large. Because they suddenly dominated the deserts they once hid in trying to stay away from predators, they have reproduced so much that they can be found in forests, plains and pretty much anywhere as well.


They jump and climb like spiders and have a poison attack. The poison damage they deal scales with their level.

This poison is VERY devastating at high levels (70+) if your gear isnt the greatest, and gets to the point where you take 100+ damage every second if there are enough in a swarm.

It is of note that poison does not currently turn your health bar green in SMP. This will probably be addressed once the existing DOT system is expanded to include things like slow-effects and other debuffs.

Another thing to point out is that although it is most likely to be a bug, scorpions are able to kill the player on creative mode, so the player should be wary of scorpions around them. However, scorpions take quite a long time to kill the player on creative mode, so if you are in a dungeon for example, the best thing to do woud be to fly to the ceiling, use a bow and arrow to kill the scorpions and then destroy the monster spawners.