Skills are the special abilities of your character. They cost mana points to use but buffs your attacks/stats. Depending of the spell it will have a different effect and animation. Press K to upgrade your skills.

For more information on the ability tree, look at this page: Ability Tree

Skills by classesEdit

Skills depend by the class you choose in the beginning. They affect the playstyle, tactics and the general aspect of the game. The skills are listed by classes below.


The mage is spell dependant, which explains the low cooldowns and the escape/damage nature of his spells. but he cant move his skills in his skill slots

Spell Level Mana Cooldown Description
Blink 1 10 1 s Teleports the caster up to 16 blocks, randomized past 8 blocks.
Fireball 3 2+Int*0.2 0.5 s Launches a ball of fire from the caster's hands.
Charged bolt 3 3+Int*0.3 0.5 s Launches multiple lightning projectiles, increasing in number as Intelligence is stacked.


20 2 s Strikes the target with lightning from the sky! Also sets mobs that are close to the impact on fire.
Gust 3 (sorry someone messed this up I think It was 7 before) 0.15 s

Knocks all nearby targets a good distance back (useful in sticky situations.)

Block Leash 3 6 0.05 s Pull a block towards your general direction.
Fire Breath 5 20 None


Actual Description: Breath fire rapidly against your foes.

Mage Cannon 8 10 1 s Perform a minor boost towards wherever you're facing! Charge to perfom a longer boost.
  • Updated at v0.6.4


The ranger is a basic attack dependant damage dealer, which explains the escape/damage nature of his spells.

Spell Level Mana Cooldown Description
Climb 1 (Passive) (Passive) Allows you to climb on any "non-manmade" surface
Trishot 0 points 1 s Shoots three arrows at once, but in a very unprecise pattern.
Lightning shot 15 points 3 s The lightning strikes in the area the arrow landed.
Exploding shot 15 points 3 s The arrow explodes when it lands, causing area damage


The warrior relies on melee attacks and toughness.

Spell Level Mana Cool Down Description
Leap 1 7 0.75 s Leap small buildings with a single bound!

How to use skillsEdit

To use the skills, the player must use a different combination of keys. The player must, in order:

  1. Press and hold the left Shift key. This will show the player the Skills menu.
  2. Hover the spell you want to use, by scrolling until you have it selected, or by pressing the corresponding number.
  3. Right click when the spell you want to use is selected. This will activate the spell. Note that some spells do not need to be activated, just like the Ranger's passive "Climb". These spells are called "passives".

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