• Bedwyr of blades


    May 3, 2012 by Bedwyr of blades
    • Common loot drops needs to come down. With the current loot generation your backpack fills with to much common stuff that has to be thrown out.
    • Backpack and chest space needs to be compatiable. Currently it is very difficult to sort the backpack, craft things, or just know what you have.
    • Alot of the single player stuff doesnt happen/ doesnt work right in multiplayer, such as naga attack annamation, warrior charge not stopping at first target, more as I find them

    • Instead of Int, Wis should be the stat that adds to bonus elemental damage on weapons. This will make it so all three classes can benifit from the extra damage with out using points in a cross class stat.
    • The warrior needs longer cooldown on charge, or increase the mana cost. Currently…

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