• Daugvolf

    1 ) How 'bout a template system for community-contributed randomized set pieces? Basically like how dungeons are rooms generated using a slightly randomized template in a random series - Break those randomized templates out into external template files. You could still retain control over chest / loot spawning.

    Formivore's Walled City Mods uses a good example of a randomized template system, imho.

    2 ) More control for server admins. Specifically over tower / dungeon spawn rates.

    3 ) Locked doors and keys? Perhaps with keys in dungeon chests, or dropped by boss mobs? Perhaps with even nastier bosses or extra awesome loot chests on the other side? It'd probably be easy to do multiple key / lock color combos as well.

    4 ) Use gold nuggets, bars, and b…

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  • Daugvolf

    It'd be nice if spelunking and mining were as interesting as PvE and dungeoneering are currently. For this I have a few suggestions.

    1 ) Tougher mobs. Tougher than exist on the surface above the same area, anyway, with rewards to match. And more mobs in general would be nice as they're currently few and far between underground. And mobs unique to the underground setting would be niffty as well.

    2 ) Random stuff!! The odd random lewt-filled chest or cluster of breakables deep in a cave somewhere would make the spelunking trip seem way more worth it than some measly diamonds.

    3 ) Deep dungeons. Dungeons only accessible from caverns deep underground. The mini-map would totally make them easy to spot. Finding the entrance though might take some spl…

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  • Daugvolf

    I've been playing Hack/Mine on a server with some friends for a few days now and I'd just like to put forward some observations and suggestions. But let me preface this by saying Hack/Mine is hands down, the most badass mod for Minecraft in existence. It practically needs to be it's own game.

    1 ) Mutant towers - Towers that look like a short tower merged with a tall tower. Most of the time they end up unnavigable. Often there's a wall missing from the short tower. And 90% of the time I encountered one, it was in a snow biome.

    2 ) Unopenable chests - Sometimes chests in dungeons spawn 1 block below the dungeon roof, making them unopenable without destroying them.

    3 ) Wacky mana bar - The mana bar will sometimes momentarily jump from full to beyo…

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