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  • The Skilled Pointman

    The following text is from a reply I posted for Frizzle on suggested topics.

    I did my fair share of coding, and can tell you that dual wielding weapons is a piece of cake to code, and that although it seems difficult, you will find it is rather easy. I could help you with that, if you want. The issue with dual wielding is that it adds a whole new aspect of the game! This mod already has some seriously complex controls, what with spells and other modifications to movement and attacking. Now dual wielding pretty much changes all of that! Dual wielding in vanilla is easy to code, but to make the commands compatible with all that you've already developed, that's just programming hell. Another thing to consider is the potential balance issues fo…

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  • The Skilled Pointman

    Reaching the End

    November 29, 2013 by The Skilled Pointman

    Hey, guys! I'm the Skilled Pointman and I'm new to this wiki! However, I've got some news and some big plans! For one thing, I have just recently LEGITIMATELY reached the end, no cheats, just pure survival. Not only did I reach it, I beat it! Little note to all of you guys out there; the End is a pain in the ass to reach, as endermen are rather rare, and so are their pearls! The nether is hard enough to reach, as you must MINE, which is painfully slow, to reach it. Once you acquire the eyes of ender, you must fight through the stronghold, which was frustrating. There are silverfish everywhere, and they just pile up and beat you into a corner. Lastly, once you reach the End, you will notice endermen are EVERYWHERE!!! However, you will alway…

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